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Digital sound processor.

4 RCA in 8 RCA out.

Power supply: 9.8 – 16V.

Control mode: optional blue tooth adapter for DSP controller mobile
APP for Apple and Android or PC software.

HPF: 20-20KHz, 1/6 oct steps
LPF: 20-20KHz, 1/6 oct steps.

Filter Slope: 6dB /oct – 24 dB / oct
EQ band: 10 band per channel.

EQ gain: -12 dB – +12dB.

EQ Q value: 0.404-+28.852.

S/N Ratio : 102 DB.

Time delay: 5.396ms per channel 0.021MS Step

Tiffany Style RCA.





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  1. E. Crosby

    Great Product. 8 outputs is nice, however would like more. Product does exactly what it is suppose to do. I would recommend to anyone. Small in size as well. Great with the bluetoooth option and lock out, making extra hard for someone else to access without permission. Also give options to store/recall different settings for different uses.

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